Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving Forward

Check out my article "Classical Music: Alive and Kicking" on NewMusicbox, a very interesting and exciting online magazine published by the American Music Center. I must give a lot of credit to NewMusicbox's founder and editor Frank Oteri who helped me shape my article from an annoying diatribe into a more informative and communicative piece. Not that I dislike being annoying but I think that's better left to my fiction than my non fiction, especially in light of the fact that there is too much diatribe and not enough collaborative thought on the Internet these days...even in classical musicish type circles. Anyway, my article, as well as articles by two other authors on other aspects of this topic, is getting a lot of reponses, some of them vague, but others quite on the mark. You can see the commentary in the Chatter section of the "box". Check it out and don't hesitate to join in the discussion.

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